Meet Lydia Kiesling


Dear Reader,

I am excited to introduce you to Lydia Kiesling. She is living the writer’s dream. Her debut novel, “The Golden State,” was released just three weeks ago and already it’s been lauded in such prestigious literary publications as “The New Yorker,” “The Rumpus,” and “The Millions.” She was selected as one of “5 Under 35” by the renowned National Book Foundation. And she’s one of four fantastic writers featured at the Napa Valley Book Fest. (Okay, this last part is really a fulfillment of my dream.)
In “The Golden State,” Lydia tells the story a new mom, who is geographically separated from her husband. She packs her toddler up and leaves the Bay Area, relocating to a remote part of Northern California, where her days are spent waiting for nap time, trying to use her neighbor’s network to check email for the job she’s unofficially abandoned and walking to the local diner where the wifi is strong enough to Skype her husband. The pace is languid, until the end where it picks up speed, making you hold on tight around the turns until it comes to a full stop right where it should.
As I read her book, so many questions bubbled up that I wanted to ask Lydia: Why this story? Why this location? How much of the book, if any, resembled her own experiences as wife/mother/daughter?
Lucky for me, I get to ask Lydia these questions and more at the Napa Valley Book Fest.
Lucky for you, you’re invited. I hope you’ll be there.

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Lori Narlock