A Poet and a Lemon Walk Into a Bar

Angela’s description of a poet’s path, “a long, hard road,” have been on repeat in my head. I thought a lot about how they could apply to my now-overproducing lemon tree. It took years to get it to produce fruit. I moved it from one spot to another, from the ground to a container and back. I watered it. I fed it. Finally, it began to produce fruit and then the last two crops have been so prolific I don’t know what to with all the lemons.

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Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Last week, my writing group held its annual holiday lunch at Zuni Cafe. This year we followed lunch with the movie, “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” In it, Melissa McCarthy plays Lee Israel, a writer who created and sold counterfeit letters from famous authors. She is brilliant (both the actress and the writer) and I cannot recommend it strongly enough, especially to writers. Or you can read the book.

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Pack a Light Bulb Next Time

Reading is a big part of any vacation for me. When I see travel photos, I immediately picture myself with a book on that beach … by that infinity pool … in that seat on that train passing through the countryside. Show me a picture of a cabin—airplane or in the woods—and I start packing my TBR pile into a bag. 

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Lori Narlock