Henry VIII: Unleash Your Inner Tudor

Prepare to have greatness thrust upon you. At last England's King Henry VIII has written, Unleash Your Inner Tudor, his inspirational guide to life. After reading this landmark volume, no one will ever need any advice about life improvement again because all will have been completely answered – dating, marriage, sex, leadership, religion, parenting, and managing mood with binge eating. Eventually this book will, without doubt, be re-classified as “spirituality” (sub-classification “Superhero Erotica”) and probably replace The Bible in importance. Weaving stories of his legendary life along with all the rich wisdom and really deep insight that he’s gained over the past 500 years, Henry VIII puts success at the highest levels within the grasp of even peasants and ladies.


The Author: Andy Demsky

Andy Demsky grew up in Arkansas and has lived in Napa Valley since 1988. His most recent book "Unleash Your Inner Tudor" (2017), an "inspiring guide to life" written in the voice of Henry VIII, is an outgrowth of his comedic Twitter account: @knghnryviii. Andy has also written a wide variety of articles for San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens. In the late 1990s and early 2000s while an editor at the Napa Valley Register he wrote a weekly column called "Hey Neighbor" until he was asked not to. Andy is a communications consultant and loves bacon.